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UPT options add new applications and capabilities to your work truck.

Water Maker

Whether you’re working in an area with damaged or destroyed infrastructure or simply remote, inhospitable terrain, UPT has a solution. Our Ultimate Survival Truck provides both power and water. The water makers can produce hundreds of gallons of 99.9% pure water from humidity in the air every day. You get maximum water for minimal energy without the cost of transporting it.


Address every no-idling regulation in 29 states and the District of Columbia. The no-idle option meets every additional state and local environmental regulation: no emissions, no sound and no idling. A lithium ion battery pack can be added between the chassis rails to power the generator. The batteries charge while you drive or charge from the grid.

The pack stores 12.5 kW of power. As a result, the aerial lifts on bucket trucks can be operated for a typical work day. Or two full size power tools, such as table saws, can run continuously for 4 hours. Assuming diesel costs $3.00 a gallon, to idle a truck for 8 hours runs about $24. The cost to fully recharge the batteries using shore power: about $1.50.

Level 2 Charging

The UPT also functions as a quick charge solution for electric vehicles. By offering 240 volt AC power, the system is capable of Level 2 charging. Level 2 allows for a wide range of charging speeds. A 30 minute charge can provide 10-60 miles of range, depending on the vehicle type. And the UPT can be configured with up to eight ports for simultaneous charging.

At least four universities across the US rely on the UPT as a quick charger on campus. Each UPT is on call -- ready to be dispatched to wherever it’s needed.

Additional Options

UPT also provides packages that address specific needs like welding or a PTO as well as specialty products such as lighting systems or solar charging.

Air compressor & Welders

Integrate your mobile power system. Our industrial grade welders and compressors enhance the capabilities and productivity of your work truck. The user-friendly designs and small footprints maximize their value and performance.


Our e-PTO 3 HP motor can be attached to vehicles with the no-idle system. It drives anything a PTO would power, but with the advantage of easy attachment and no space restrictions.

Custom Lighting

Light the night. We offer several industrial lighting options for construction, special events, and any other application which needs mobile lighting.

Solar charging

Solar charging can augment our No-Idle Technology. Under ideal conditions, our solar charger can raise battery capacity by 2 kWh over 4 hours.The 16.8 kW charging station can restore 40 miles in under 40 minutes.

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