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Converting your vehicle is easy. Once you have completed the conversion questionnaire and spoken with a team member, UPT will schedule an appointment for your vehicle.

Be prepared for your vehicle’s down time while it’s being converted. Rentals of UPT vehicles are available at the store performing your conversion. If you need a rental during the conversion period, reserve one. A team member can coordinate the installation and the rental reservation.

Scott Van Dorn
Engineering Director: Navistar Inc., Former Chief Engineer: Ford F-Series Trucks
“If you’re going to invest in a new truck and a new mobile system, you’ve now got an opportunity to make that investment once. You’ve got an opportunity to keep it safe and secure. You’re not at a location where you’re going to leave your generator overnight in an unsecure location. You’ve now got it with you. You can drive away. You can tuck it away for the evening with your other tools and equipment. And you come back in the morning. And you just key on and you’re back in business running mobile generation again.”

Note: Use your completed conversion questionnaire as a guide when scheduling. Please have your payment method pre-arranged, if you are financing your installation.

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